Building A Website For Your Wife

I often wonder how a married couple can be in business together. I’m sure that it happens all the time these days, as 2 incomes are required for getting by. How does this apply to an online business? My wife is great at selling handbags to her friends, but not so good at website building. I’m learning how to build a websiter, and doing ok, while totally lacking any talent in regards to fashion; either the sales or even recognition of. Theres the magic. Sometimes I’ll put an object up for sale that I believe to be “fashionable,” and she will promptly shoot it down. Once in a great while I’ll manage to pick a winner. Either way, we’re doing more than building a business, we’re building a life together and a better income doing something we both enjoy.
To me it’s like guys who enjoy hunting. Instead of coming home with a deer strapped to the hood of my car I launch a new product line on our websites. An artist looks at a block of stone and sees statue of a horse. He then removes everything from that block of stone that does not look like a horse. Simple, right? Yes, but it is not easy. I could hold a chisel in my hand and convince rock chips that they can fly, but Picasso would not even be able to discern even a semblance of anything of this earth, much less a recognizeable figure. Clearly I am not an artist in that sense.
My wife, however, does believe in my writing and website building ability. Her inspirational gestures and outright proddings convince me to carry on, inspite of what at times appears to be overwheming odds against me. Spending what little capital we have on a dream causes waves of uncertainty to wash over me. Incredible spasms, enough to bring down a water buffalo, ravage my brain, resulting in newfound levels of pain and depression. Clearly not for the faint of heart, and clearly not for those prone to withdraw.

Chicago once asked the question, “Does anybody really know what time it is?,” while I ask the question, “What’cha need?” As I mentioned before my wife has a great knack for choosing fashion that people actually like, and she is excited about having her own business, as am I. She loves to “shop,” while I know what I need, find it as quick as I can, and leave the store. But we are a partnership. Partners must look out for one another if their joint venture is to endure. (umm, right, snookums?)

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